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Feast of Friendship

19th & 20th of August 2017

St Mark’s Anglican Church, 55 Grafton Street, Warwick, Qld

The year is 1066, the Vikings are gathering behind King Haraldr Harðráði. 

To go a Viking and reclaim a portion of England. 

In the old Norse language, the word víkingr means pirate or raider, and few of these Northern people participated in raiding.

Few Vikings were professional soldiers, although like all men in this era, they were familiar with the use of weapons.

The year 1066 is most commonly described as an end of the Viking era. 

 At the Battle of Stamford Bridge, the Norwegian king Haraldr harðráði was repulsed and killed as he attempted to reclaim a portion of England. It was the last major Viking incursion into Europe.

The Viking era ended because the people simply became not ‘Vikings’, but Danes and Swedes and Norwegians and Icelanders and Greenlanders 

Vikings were pioneers in trade and had incredible experts of craftsmanship. 

The Arts and Science Competition categories are;

A usable hand carved / made household wooden item.

A Viking style hood

A Viking beverage.

Member Adult – $35.00
Member Youth age 13-16 – $25.00
Member child age 6-13 – $15.00
Member Infant – 0-5 Free
Non member add 5.00
Children under 6 – free

Steward Details                                                            Booking Details
Amber Stubbings                                                          Kamara Scleirana
SCA Name: Amalia Del Benino                        
Email Address:                   Bookings Close: 2017-08-04





3rd, 4th & 5th of November 2017

Gordon Country, 1847-2081 Inverramsay Rd, Goomburra QLD 4362

Stegby’s inaugural Stegfest is a camping event in the beautiful bushland of Southern Queensland. In this south-western Canton of the Barony of River Haven nestles an amazing landscape for you to enjoy. To get back to the pleasures our world has to offer.

A laid back event with archery, fighting, food and arts & sciences as you like.

Dig out your best camping garb and join us to relax and camp in SCA-style without timetables. A&S will be projects you want to share and show, bring whatever you are working on. Someone will want to learn.

Fighting will be war training, or an open list field depends on what you choose. No formal tourneys scheduled

An Archery range will be there for your shooting pleasure, find a marshal and shoot (the target, not the marshal).

The concept is fun, friendly medieval frivolity. Welcome newcomers to the world of SCA camping. The gorgeous Dalrymple Creek meanders through the encampment for your paddling & swimming pleasure. (clothed only)

Bring your instruments and your voices.

Whilst this is summer the evenings can get quite cool in this area so for those who feel it bring a cloak.

Breakfasts and evening meals provided, with attendees asked to bring something to share on the table for potluck lunches. Gluten Free and Vegetarians will definitely be catered for. Foods will be simple so should cover most dietary requirements, however, this is not guaranteed.

Truly escape the outside world, your tech is no good there. There is no service available at the campsite.

Bookings are essential and payment is required by the 22nd of October. Refunds after this date are not guaranteed unless under extreme circumstances or severe weather conditions.

All bookings to


Powered sites are available at $10 per site per night for those requiring CPAP machines.

Hot showers and toilets on site.

PLEASE NOTE: as there is no phone service on site, medical help is at least 40 minutes away. Please ensure you have necessary life-saving devices ie puffer, EpiPen, etc if required and advise Chirugeon.


$40 Full Event
$30 Saturday/Sunday only
$15 One day only

Children (5 to 15) (site determined age)

$25 Full Event
$15 Saturday/Sunday only
$10 One day only
4&under free

Off-board please speak with bookings
Non-Members add $5 for event insurance

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $10 fee per vehicle as this is a national park area. This is additional to the above charges (Carpooling where possible is advised) If you wish to attempt the 4WD tracks during our event the car fee will be $30. No extra charge for a trailer or a campervan.

The average cost for a family 2A2C&car will be $140.