The Canton of Stegby Officers

For information about their roles within the group, contact the Officer.

The Canton must have a Seneschal, Reeve and one or more of either a Herald, Marshal or A&S Officer. These are known as the ‘Greater Officers’. The other positions are known as the ‘Lesser Officers’.

Symbol/Photo Role Title & Description Office Holder


The Seneschal is the administrative head of the group. Every group from Kingdom to College has a Seneschal. They handle the legal and administrative paperwork and the day to day running of the group. The Seneschal must be advised of anything significant that happens in the group as the Seneschal is legally responsible for the group.

Lord Thorstein Bjarnarson
(Chris Reinke)

Email: Seneschal


The Reeve is the Treasurer of the group. Every group which has its own bank account has a Reeve to keep track of all Monies. Some of the duties of the Reeve is to track and pay the GST, Event, and Kingdom Fee’s to the Kingdom Exchequer.

Lady Maura Dore
(MaryAnne Geygan)

Email: Reeve

Arts and Sciences Officer

The Arts and Sciences Master / Mistress is responsible for keeping track of the crafts and artistic efforts of the group. They don’t regulate anything or run all the workshops, but they do run competition and they usually know who to contact when a particular expertise is required. The A&S Officer organises what happens on the weekly A&S night.

Position Vacant


Email: A & S Office


The Chronicler is the person who puts out the newsletter and often takes down the meeting minutes for the group. The Chronicler is effectively the group secretary. They are often looking for articles and original artwork to put in the Stegby Scrolls.

Currently Vacant

(  )

Email: Chronicler

Captain of Archers

The Captain is responsible for the arts of Target & Combat Archery in the group. They can often authorise and inspect Target Archery Marshals (TAM’s) and often they can inspect &/or Authorise Combat Archers.

THL Madog Llwyd ap Madog

(Chris Maddock)

Email: Captain of Archers


A Chirurgeon is a medic or first aid officer. Any injuries at any event should be bought to the attention of the Chirurgeon.


Position Vacant


Email: Chirurgeon


The Constable is the person responsible for seeing that sites are safe and waivers are signed at fighting events. They also collect and try to return any lost property that is left behind. All items found at an event for which an owner cannot be found immediately, should be given to the Constable without delay.

Serena d’Honneur
(Jessica Bredenhof)

Email: Constable


The Marshall is responsible for the arts of heavy fighting combat in the group. They may authorise and inspect fighters. The Marshals are not referees (although they are sometimes consulted as such) they are more there to see that the rules are observed and that everything is safe.

Position Vacant

Email:Heavy Marshall


A Herald makes announcements, runs courts and is consulted on matters of heraldry. The Herald (the officer whose area of responsibility is heraldry) processes the paperwork and passes it on or receives it back as required.

Lord Francis de Monteath

(Clifton Monteath)

Email: Herald

 hospitaller Hospitaller

A Hospitaller is responsible for the group’s hire gear that is loaned out to newcomers when they are getting started. They also usually have handouts for newcomers and are the Officer responsible to try to welcome and help them fit in.

Lady Lucia della Torre

(Bianca Fitch)

Email: Hospitaller

Web Wright

The Web Minister (or Webwright) looks after the online presence of a group. They maintain the group’s website.

Serena d’Honneur

(Jessica Bredenhof)

Email: Web Wright

  • All officers make regular written reports to the Stegby Seneschal, and to their Baronial counterpart, as required. The reports don’t always have to be detailed, but they do need to be done on time and are usually the same report sent to the various Officers.
  • All officers are appointed for a period of up to 2 years and are then required to be replaced by another person in that role. This helps prevent ‘burnout’ and stagnation of the Officers. Become a Deputy today!


There are some Officers who would like a Deputy. In most cases, you won’t have much to do, just learn the ropes to help out with minor duties.


The Canton of Stegby has a general discussion list hosted by Yahoo Groups. To subscribe browse into This mailing list is for general discussions, announcements and changes to events.